1 – Postcard Worthy Sunsets

Lets face it, September is always one of the worst months of the year. Summer is over, and life is resuming it’s normal rapid whirlwind. In addition, this September I started a new college which means a lot of fun but also the stress of a changing friendship group and new routines. So the best way to clear my head is to watch the sun dip behind the hills at the end of the day and enjoy the show of colours in the sky.

2 – A Chenille Sweater 

If you have never owned a chenille sweater, you need to go and buy one now! My favourite, for this season, is this one from zara in this gorgeous brandy colour. The cut and fit is absolutely perfect and the colour (fitting in with this seasons brown trend) is much nicer in real life than it looks in the pictures. Oh yes, it’s also one of the most comfy, cosy and soft sweaters I have ever owned!

3 – A Hearty Breakfast

Long gone are the days when I lust for a cold, refreshing and light breakfast to start my day. Each morning is darker than the last making it harder and harder to drag myself out from the cosy embrace of my duvet. The cure? Motivate myself with the thought of a hot, hearty breakfast consisting of a lot of coffee or green tea, wholemeal toast and scrambled egg.



    • theleachlife
      18th October 2017 / 18:00

      I think it’s just the time of year where the weather is settling down – just makes for the perfect end to a day!

    • theleachlife
      18th October 2017 / 18:00

      Thanks, Laura!

    • theleachlife
      23rd October 2017 / 16:02

      Thank you so much!

    • theleachlife
      23rd October 2017 / 16:03

      Thanks, Didier! Hope your enjoying London!

  1. 24th October 2017 / 09:07

    September has always been one of my fav months actually, funny how we all view things with our own perspective. Heaty breakkie, of course.

    • theleachlife
      31st October 2017 / 16:19

      Perspective is a brilliant thing! Thanks for stopping by!

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