As I write this post, wonderful spring light is cascading through my windows and making my room glow with life… Seasons often mean a change in skincare and the cosmetics brand I instantly associate with spring is L´Occitane. L´Occitane have long been a favourite cosmetics brand of mine and every year when spring and summer come closer and closer I seem to gravitate to their products because they just make me feel energised and happy. A firm favourite for me ever since my mum introduced me to L´Occitane is the Shea Butter hand cream which if apply immediately before I go to bed makes my hands and nails look unbelievably healthy by the time I wake up in the morning… As you can see from the picture above the first – and certainly not last – tube I have purchased this spring has nearly gone which to me is always a good sign of a brilliant product.

This year though I really want to try one of the L´Occitane mens aftershave balm creams. They come in multiple heavenly scents and with the gorgeous L´Occitane packaging (which in my opinion is almost as important as the product itself). If they are anything like the hand cream they will be thick and luxurious and sink right into my skin without feeling heavy or sticky. Let’s face it – nobody wants skincare to be hassle and trust me with L´Occitane it will be a pleasure.  Why not upgrade your skincare experience this year? After all summer is around the corner and I promise you won’t regret it.



Let me know your thoughts on favourite skincare products and let me know if anyone loves L´Occitane too!



Thank you to L´Occitane for sponsoring this post. 100% of the opinions in this post are my own. I purchased all of the products showcased in this post.


    • theleachlife
      28th March 2017 / 22:40

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • theleachlife
      30th March 2017 / 18:31

      Thank you and yes their packaging is gorgeous!

  1. 29th March 2017 / 11:37

    Their hand cream is not only my fav, but also my whole family’s fav now! It makes so much difference when you apply it before going to sleep!
    And the scent is AMAZING, perfect for any seasons!

    Kaylee ㅣJK’s Dawn

    • theleachlife
      30th March 2017 / 18:32

      Thanks, Kaylee!

    • theleachlife
      3rd April 2017 / 18:44

      Thanks, Annabelle!

  2. Siffat
    3rd April 2017 / 02:17

    I love indulging in great hand creams, this one from L’Occitaine looks so good!

    • theleachlife
      3rd April 2017 / 18:44

      Thanks for stopping by, Siffat!

  3. 13th January 2018 / 17:44

    This product looks so nice! I hope to try it soon!
    I like anything which is about skin and men face!
    Teo Michael from Euframe.blogspot.com

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