Alkázar of Seville

The Royal Alkazár of Seville completely surpassed all my expectations.

The light floods into the palaces and gardens from above, orange blossom blooms and the gardens and soaked with a sweet, zingy aroma. It was magical!

DSC_0455Blog Photo

DSC_0418Blog Photo

DSC_0415Blog Photo DSC_0414Blog Photo DSC_0425Blog Photo  The palaces are absolutely stunning… They are cool and you can just imagine how grand they once were. But just wait till you see the gardens…

DSC_0459Blog PhotoDSC_0466Blog Photo DSC_0429Blog PhotoI adore seeing the lush palm trees contact against the crystal clear blue sky… Luckily, I could see that image all day long in Seville.

DSC_0441Blog Photo DSC_0440Blog PhotoJust look at those gorgeous colours! Flowers flow from every single wall, stone is hot to touch and fountains trickle in the background.

DSC_0522Blog PhotoPromise me while your in the Alkazár of Seville you say hello to the locals! They roam freely around the gardens and are somewhat local celebrities…

DSC_0496Blog Photo DSC_0504Blog PhotoThey are extremely cantankerous and probably won’t show their beautiful feathers but they are still incredible creatures.

DSC_0523Blog Photo DSC_0511Blog Photo DSC_0469Blog PhotoAt this time of year in Seville you need layers. However, in summer you’ll want to wear as little as possible. Temperatures often get to the high 40’s!

My Outfit

Jacket* // Sunglasses // Ralph Lauren Pumps* // Panama Hat*  

DSC_0535Blog PhotoDSC_0576Blog PhotoDSC_0468Blog Photo

The tiles in Seville are also to die for! There were so many in the Alkázar but you can see my last post for more! DSC_0559Blog Photo DSC_0599Blog PhotoI have to say I rather fancied this swimming pool for myself!DSC_0592Blog PhotoDSC_0560Blog PhotoAfter having a day wandering around our walled oasis in the middle of Seville it was time for another round of tapas with family and friends.

Make sure you put Seville on your bucket list and if you find yourself in Seville get to the Alkázar early! If you get there in the middle of the day you will queue for hours on end as they only let so many people in at once to ensure the Alkázar never gets overcrowded.

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    • theleachlife
      9th May 2016 / 18:04

      Thanks, Mel! I have just started editing my photos with VSCO filters so I hope you like them!

      LEACH |

  1. 9th May 2016 / 12:37

    Seville seems like a calm yet beautiful place! It’s full of colors & amazing scenery <3
    And I love your sunglasses!

    KayleeㅣJK’s Dawn

    • theleachlife
      9th May 2016 / 18:06

      The colours and scenery are abolsultey amazing! The alkázar was much calmer than the rest of the city but it’s still a delightful place to be.

      LEACH |

    • theleachlife
      10th May 2016 / 19:04

      I completely agree! The tiles, colours and arches are to die for! Thanks for stopping by!

      LEACH |

  2. 10th May 2016 / 19:53

    Those photos are just gorgeous! I visited Barcelona a while back (and LOVED it), but I never made it to Seville. One of my best friends studied there while she was in college and she always talked about how beautiful it was. Thanks for sharing these photos!


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